Scott DeLuzio

Hartford Courant Series on 9/11 Attacks, Ten Years Later

By Scott DeLuzio | September 7, 2011

The Hartford Courant is doing a series on the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the United States. For one of the articles they interviewed me to try and get a sense of why I joined the military, the sequence of events leading from the pre-9/11 world we once knew, to September 11, 2011,…

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NBC Connecticut Coverage of 1st Annual SGT Steven DeLuzio Golf Tournament

By Scott DeLuzio | August 23, 2011

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Golf Tournament Near Capacity

By Scott DeLuzio | August 8, 2011

The first annual SGT Steven DeLuzio Memorial Golf Tournament is nearing max capacity for golfers. We have reached our currently at 143 golfers, and will no longer be accepting registrations online. If you did not get to register to golf, but still want to attend, there is one spot remaining.  Please call Scott DeLuzio at…

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Less Than Three Weeks Away!

By Scott DeLuzio | August 2, 2011

The first annual SGT Steven DeLuzio memorial golf tournament is less than three weeks away!  If you plan on golfing, or know someone who is planning to golf, but haven’t registered yet please do so soon.  As of today (August 2), there are only 26 spots remaining for golfers.  Once all 144 spots have been…

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